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This is a question I hear a lot, do I not need an accountant to look after my books?

Times have changed a lot, years ago bookkeepers were limited to inputting sales and expenditure only with maybe a little bank reconciling thrown in and accountants did the year end works which to a lot of people is the more valued part of the process. Times have changed and a bookkeeper can now offer a lot more services on a certified basis and very often can provide a significant cost saving against accountants fees.

A certified bookkeeper can now provide a lot of the services that were historically carried out by an accountant, in addition to the traditional inputting of sales and expenditure they can now reconcile the bank, carry out journals, provide draft management accounts, compile and file tax returns wit HMRC and Companies House for Limited micro-entity companies. Some also offer payroll services in house as well.

Are you a sole trader? Some bookkeepers are certified to file self assessments which mean apart from for specific tax advice, you wouldn’t need to pay for an accountant if you find a suitably qualified bookkeeper.

Times are changing in the accounting world and the roles of the accountant and bookkeeper are also changing which in some cases can provide significant cost savings to the end user but if you are thinking shall I hand my accounts over to a bookkeeper/accountant please make sure that they are qualified to carry out the services you require and the have the appropriate supervision in place (AML etc), most good bookkeepers will be registered with someone like the ICB, AAT etc and you should be able to check their credentials with them.

A good bookkeeper can bring a wealth of knowledge to your business but make sure you have the right one!